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The lady from this blog is one of ‘those’ friends. The kind that feel like a warm blanket on a cold day. Someone you run to because they are your safe place. We have giggled over boys when we where young and have shed tears over life as we aged. We were college roommates and are friends for life. I have many memories of her in a conner of our dorm room, writing in the late hours of night until she fell asleep with her journal laying on top of her. Having to put her journal away and turning off her light but don’t ask me about her 8:00 classes and alarm clock. LoL!  Mia was born to blog with her gift with words, eye for photography, and love of people. If you ask me what my favorite thing about her is, it would be the depth of her heart and tender words. Her gentleness is her super power! I find she holds a kindness that touches what most people can not, bringing healing to the broken parts of your heart. She has a way of being able to breath life into you as she holds your shaking hand. I pray she will aways keep and guard that part of herself because it is where God shines most through her. You can check out her blog the link is below. I asked if it was ok to share one of her many poems and photography with you so you can have a taste of The Grizzle Grist Mill also here is a link so you can read more of her heart.

“Only From You”

Poem from Mia Grizzle
I look out over Your waters and behold
A reflection that could only be from You
So gentle, so calm, so peaceful
It reminds me of Your serenity
I look upon Your waterfalls and know
A strength that could only come from You
So strong, so bold, so powerful
It reminds me of Your awesomeness
I look into Your streams and visualize
An image that could only be given from You
So humble, so meek, so merciful
It reminds me of Your purity
I look out on Your mountains and see
A creation that could only be made from You
So vast, so immense, so beautiful
It reminds me of Your majesty
I look upon Your peaks and understand
A faith that could only be from You
So wondrous, so hopeful, so believing
It reminds me of Your faithfulness
I look into Your foothills and recognize
An adventure that could only come from You
So energizing, so exciting, so invigorating
It reminds me of Your passion
Then I look at Your Son and realize
A love that could only be of You
So amazing, so overwhelming, so inviting
It reminds me of Your grace
Thank You.
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