That Moment

In the beginning of the year I sat down and wrote a list of things I wanted to try. Some of them I have done and others I have not yet gotten to. I also have done a few things that were not on my list, but you never know what doors will open when you start knocking.

Everything on my list had to do with beginning to try new things and really being brave. One of the things I wanted to do was see if I could get published in a magazine. So I boxed up a few pieces that I was proud of and mailed them to Somerset Studio. I called my family over and we  prayed over it. I told God, “Inside this box is my hope, it is my brave, it is my ashes left over from a very hard season I have just walked through. I am asking you to help me make something  from them. Please open opportunities and turn my ashes into beauty.”

A few months ago I received a glorious email asking me to write an article for Somerset Studio Gallery because they wanted to publish two pieces of my work.  I don’t think I will ever forget that moment, that feeling of reading that email nor will I forget that prayer I prayed over that box.  I am telling you hope is a powerful thing. You will never catch my heart without it. My story is not over, and friends, there was a time I thought it was. I chose hope when I did not feel it, because a life without hope was one I could never choose. I find myself looking in wonder at everything hope has brought to my life because I kept on trying. I am still hoping and believing that each step is taking me closer to the dreams and wishes in my heart. I hope you are as well, xxx,ooo Karen G.

P.s. Keep an eye out for Somerset Studio Gallery, it hit the shelf December  1 I’m on page 26!

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