A Wow Moment With Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine








Well I have in my hands my first article in a art magazine. Someone please pinch me so I know I am awake!  Talk about dreams! I have looked through the pages of Somerset Studio Gallery a thousand times, and now my art is on the pages I see.  In fact, I still have last winter’s issue when I first thought “Hm…. Maybe I should try to see if I can get published?”

My article is about the power of words and how I started to put them in my art. How it’s started to heal me. After the magazine was in my hands and I read my article I felt a mix of emotions. I felt a little exposed and vulnerable, like “wow did I just tell the world that about me?” Lol, but what is the point if we don’t share our story and struggles, how will we help each other if we hold them inside? That feeling lifted as I continued to read and was just left starry-eyed, and even tearful for being so grateful. Friends, I am so excited about being able to chase this art dream of mine. It can be hard, but the ‘wow’ moments keep me going. This ‘wow’ moment was brought to you by Somerset Studio Gallery!    

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