“I believe there is hope in every wish that you make.”  

“I believe you should never let life take away your ability to sit back and dream.”

“I believe a story is being written on the pages of our hearts and we decide what that story will be.”

Hello, I am Karen, an artist who believes in being silly, honest, and kind. I create heart-felt art with purpose. My art on canvas, furniture, or boards is designed to be a catalyst for hope, to help people see a beautiful future, and inspire through written words, playful colors, and images my art holds.

“Everyone needs a butterfly moment now and then. A sweet simple reminder.”

57 Butterflies was designed to provided art that inspires hope and goods created to make life more beautiful . The name 57 Butterflies is from a life experience. During a hard season of my life, I lost two people I loved within six months of each other. It changed the way I looked at the world. It had become a bad, dark place. I felt hopeless, and lost the ability to dream and wish. It was like someone shut off a light in my heart. I became desperate to know life could be good and to see light in the world, so I prayed for a sign. I yelled out to God “Show me some thing! I will take anything at this point!” At that moment a little yellow butterfly flew in my face. Moments later, I saw so many that I stopped counting after 57. I know it was not much, but during that time it was enough to get me through. God was showing me his goodness. God used a butterfly to bring hope back to me. Everyone needs a butterfly moment now and then. A sweet, simple reminder. May you feel the hope in my art, and begin to dream of a more beautiful future.

“Through my art, I am telling my heart things it wants to hear.”

I have spent my life working with teens and kids, helping them walk thru storms of life, while discovering how beautifully God made them. I was looking for a project to do with some girls in our church. I found a ”DIY” video for mix media on YouTube and fell in love with it. This new medium helped me express emotions I had bottled up inside me. It helped me heal and I began to embrace the words I was  putting on canvas. I was pushing myself to be brave by choosing hope. Through my art, I am telling my heart things it wants to hear.

 My Silly Random Facts

  • I am animated in all things spoken. It would be easier for me to stop breathing than not be.
  • I might have a small obsession with leather boots. They make me happy!
  • I joke around a lot and like to be goofy. This gets me in trouble at times, but a life with out laughter is not for me.
  • I grew up in the north, but have lived in the south for over 24 years. Still I have a northern accent but say words like “Ya’ll”.
  • I love the mountains and I’m a nature person. Nothing clears my head better than a hike outside.
  • When I was young I had a great fear of Big Foot. I can’t help but wonder if he’s watching me when I’m alone in the woods. I know that sounds crazy.
  • I never go out of the house with out makeup. NEVER!
  • My best friend is the other half of my heart. She has been my bestie since I was 13 years old.
  • Oh, how I love doughnuts and strawberries. In that order specifically!
  • I have a fluffy puppy named Ruffus! It took me 7 months to find him. I was very happy to finally bring our furry baby home.
  • Last but not least, I want to change the world. I once announced this to a large group of people and they all laughed. I don’t know why, I believe it’s worth a try.