Always Be This, When You Get Wrinkly.

bootsEvery time my family watched the Willy Wonka movie with Johny Depp in it they all laugh and say when I become old I am going to be like the old lady who shouts out ”dragon flies” and other random, happy things. I just laugh and smile because it might be true. It got me thinking of what I want to be like when I am old so I made a top 10 list titled ”Always Be This, When You You Get Wrinkly. 

    • Wear pearls, lace, and a nice pear of jeans.
    • Make cookies every time someone comes to visit, so your house is full of yummy smells and tasty treats.
    • Always dye gray hair red.
    • If real teeth have been replaced with false ones. Occasionally take them out and chase the grandkids around the house, just to be funny.
    • Boots are sensible shoes.
    • Always dream, wish, hope, and teach others the wonders that are found in them.
    • Tell stories of all your great adventures and what you learned from them.
    • Have lots of dogs! The title “Crazy Cat Lady” is already taken.
    • Always have an art room in your house, even if you have to get rid of your dining room table to do so.
    • Never stop trying to changing the world for the better!
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