Bright Note

Well my friends I am still trying hard to recover from my accident. I am over resting and have cabin fever in big ways.  I can’t wait to start taking my outdoor walks making things and painting again . It is killing me to have my Etsy store closed this long and the Etsy world moving on with out me. Please hang with me as I recoup. I am not allowed to be on the computer much so this is why I am not posting. I am hoping that this will be my last week of rest. I am ready for my life to go back in full speed but my body is not there just yet.

On another bright note I had a very lovely customer send this picture to me by email of a barn quilt I made her. It looks so lovey on her shed. It really made my week to see this and the sweet words with it. 

P.S. sorry if there is any typos but I wrote this crazy fast because I not allowed on the computer. Shh….. don’t tell! 🙂

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