Centered Heart

Sometimes I see so much hurt, pain, and harshness in the world I have to take a step back. I shut down my computer, tv, phone, (Yep I said phone) go outside, listen to the birds, feel the wind, walk among the trees, and try to connect with Jesus. It is like unpoluting my head from everyone’s thoughts and my own opinions. It’s my way of trying hard to center my heart around God’s heart (because they are not the same.) I have never known a heart like I have found in Jesus. He loves in ways that inspire me, ways that are challenging me every day to be a better version of my self. His kindness has brought so much healing to my heart and drawls me in ways that no one else can. My moments with God bring so much hope to me. I know as long as there is a God in heaven who is a part of my heart, there is hope and a beautiful future that I will be apart of. I am glad that I have found a kindness in this world, to rest my eyes on when thing get ugly.IMG_2036

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