1017144_10206897819541163_4529203495124761576_nI have had this idea growing in my heart for some time. I have come up with a thousand and fifty-seven reasons of why I shouldn’t try it. This week I ran out of excuses and had a paralyzing fear stopping me from reaching for my dream. I had my list of “what ifs” filling my head. One of them being what if I fail, but a whisper softly asked my heart “tell me your why.” I thought about my whys. Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to share my art, my heart and my story? It was my “whys” that out weighed my fear of “what if’s.” The truth in our hearts can silence our fears. My ‘why’ has to do with hope. I want to help people find their hope, to choose it even when they do not feel it. Yes, sometimes we have to choose it, I have been there! I want to inspire hearts to be brave, to never give up on their dreams, to take one more step forward even if it’s small, to let your heart forgive one more time, choose love and allow your heart to heal. My beautiful reasons where enough to make me take my jump. To push myself to tell the world this week about my idea that has been growing inside of me. This is my website, my art, my story and may it always be a light of hope.

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