“Ring the bells that still can ring forget your perfect offering there is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in. 

– Leonard Cohen

In life we seek perfection which is far beyond our reach. We are on a journey, traveling this road together.  Growing, learning, and making mistakes along the way. We must learn to find forgiveness and compassion for each other in our flaws. I like to call them fragile spots.  Our fragile places are part of who we are. We are all beautiful, yet flawed! Mixed with our week spots, we hold treasure, and great strength. My flaws humble me and challenge me to hold mercy in my heart. I understand how desperate I am for grace, so I aim to give out as much as I can. My weakness breaks me, teaches me, and I do believe I will never stop being schooled in the lesson of pride. Our cracks let light in!  We try to hide them because we fear them, and even more so if others see them. The fact is there is no perfection in us, only a God who is perfect and loves perfectly. Stop carrying the weight of perceived perfection or putting it on others to carry. Go ahead, shine, and show the world what love can do thru imperfections!

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