You all know I have a new spot at Homespun. It is going to hold my art, and things that make the world a more beautiful place. I love home decor and have wanted to DIY furniture for some time. I have been looking into the right paint to use for a while and after a two months of searching, I final found the perfect paint. I love it so much that I decided to carry it in my shop at Homespun, and soon on my website.

It is a chalk and clay base paint, it’s non-toxic, and only has ten ingredients. No need to sand your furniture before painting. It takes all the hard work out and I am all for that.  I just painted my first piece of furniture with it. I wanted to start small so I found this cute little stool.  I used 4 colors to get this look and love how it turned out.  You can find the stool and paint in my shop at the end of this week. I was so excited that I had to share it with you. I love to shade in my art, so my furniture will be no different. I put a heart reminder on it, just like my Mixed Media. It says Rest.

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