Fall Wall And Wondering

I have been busy making some fall barn quilts and reworking my wall at Home Spun. It has made me ready to put summer behind me and wish for my boots and sweaters in the closet. I have had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head this week.  Mostly wondering if my feet are on the right path, if hard working and hoping will pay off.  At the end of the day you must believe in yourself and trust that if you do your part, God will do his. If I gave it my all than what is left to give? No matter what happens I can take pride in all my trying. I believe with my whole heart what I am doing matters and it is to breath hope into the world. No matter what, I am investing into good ground, this has to count for much. So with that I will keep running hard after my dreams of hope, and keep reaching for doors.  My friends, keep hoping even if you get tired and not sure. As you can see I am not always sure. Let’s just work hard and believe no matter what happens it is all for our good! Praying for beautiful happenings for us all!     

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