Find Your Brave

IMG_0456Take what you need below. You have this brave place inside you. It is inspiring, changing the world every time you find it and do these things. Your heart matters so show the world what a kind, brave heart can do! My friend, never give up or give in to the struggle. Find your brave and fight for the thing worth fighting for!  xxx,ooo Karen

  • To the parent, there is value in your selfless sacrifice. Keep giving your heart out and drink lots of coffee to get you through the day.
  • To the wounded heart, there is freedom, healing, in forgiving and letting go. Do it one more time and then a thousand more every day after.
  • To the dreamer, there is worth in your vision. Make a step every day (even if it’s a small one) to your dream. Everyday you get closer to knowing the true wonder of what dreams can do.
  • To the lonely soul, there is friendships that are everlasting. Keep reaching for hands to hold because when you find that hand you will be glad you did not stop searching.
  • To the hopeless sprit, there are times you have to choose hope even when you do not feel it. Choose a life with hope and hang on because it’s going to be Ok.
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