Glimmering Reflection Of God

A walk outside helps me center my thoughts. It is like a filter that drains away a troubling, heavy spirt and gives me clear eyes to see life. It always betters me, there is no doubt about it. It’s like breathing in freedom from peoples’ opinions and corrupted values.  Escaping into the simple and pure beauty of creation is where I see a glimmering reflection of God. It is one of the places I find him. Where I can hear and feel him pulling on my heart.  It is where I find the best heart reminder of who God is and myself. It keeps reminding me what I want to do with my life, wherever I find myself, and to not forget to show myself mercy in the places I fall short. Yes, I get all of this from a simple walk outside. Here are few treasures I found on my trip to Ohio. I do use a filter sometimes on my photos but there is no need for filters here, just color at it’s natural state is enough. It is pure beauty!  

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