Hello Brave

It is always the moments that are unfamiliar that scare me most. My life has been so full of change, more than most. You would think it would not have such an effect on me. The times I find myself in a new place, doing new thing, my heart seems to shake with fear. Funny how you really can’t be brave without wrestling that emotion.

I am getting things ready for my new space at Homespun. Trying to think what I want my spot to look like, what magical offering I can bring to the people who stop by and take a peek inside. I am super excited but feel my hands shaking a bit from being nervous. I want to do well but I know that just like everything else in life, there will be bumps and learning curves along the way. Hello, school of life, I am forever your student. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I keep traveling this road marked “Your dreams.” Keep being brave friends.

Big Love, Karen

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