Asheville Fun

Well, I am back from Asheville NC. It was a wonderful weekend that ended too soon. I had amazing fun, and the bonus was it snowed. The picture of the snow covered trees was right outside the window from the hotel.   Asheville  has always been such a place of inspiration to me. The streets are full of beautiful sights and sounds that invite a heart to dream and provoke creativity to ooze out of you. I lived in Asheville NC for a year, I do not think there was a day that I did not say how much I loved it. I felt like a little kid at Disney World, exploring the street and everything that was in them. It was the place God breathed dreams back into my heart. Something magic-like happened to me there that marked me forever. I could hear the whispers of living a creative life, full of paint, paper, hopes, dreams, and inspiration.