His Voice Is Sweeter Than Honey To The Soul

Sometimes the sounds around me telling me who I am and what I should be doing is so loud that I have to take a giant step away from everything and still my spirt. I start to feel lost, I worry if I am on the right path, I wonder how do I get from where I am to where I am going? I feel lonely in my wandering and waiting for the next step. I have to sit with God for awhile and he reminds me who I am. I love looking at my self and my life through his eyes. He speaks right into parts of my heart that feel so desperate for what it needs to hear. He reminds me it’s all going to be ok, even if I do not have all the answers and tells me to keep following the whispers of his heart because they are the ones in mine. So…. if you find your self in a place like this I wrote a list of reminders I have learned from God.

1.Even if you do not know all the ”how” and ”where” answers. It is going to be ok because Jesus is the answer and is leading you every day where you need to go. One step at a time. It seems to be how it works!

2. Sometimes it is more about the journey than the destination. There is a lot of learning and grooming God does to our hearts in the trying to get to where we think we should be going.

3. Friends, family, and people have good intentions but the only one who knows your way is God. Put cotton in your ears and listen to him alone. He is the one sound you should follow. His voice is sweeter than honey to the soul and calms the storms of confusion in the mind.

4. Stopping and stilling yoursweetself is key to hearing the sound you should be following. When you realize that you have this amazing God who loves you more than anything in the whole world. He is looking at you smiling because he is writing a love story with your life and the story is all about You and him. You realize you can trust his voice above any other voice in the whole world. Your spirt will start craving his whispers more than your lungs do air and would follow his sound anywhere.






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