It’s The Little Touches

There is something moving about things that are handmade. It is the knowledge of the care and love mixed with the talent put into it. Seeing the details that have been thought out and purposely placed there. Knowing that I have bought into a life, and sewing good seed into a person’s craft. It means something, and it is not just a pretty thing. This is how I feel when I look at my pillow, siting on my chair. I know the heart behind this sweet pillow with the cute little sock on it, and it is pure gold. The little touches on this melt my heart. It even has tiny bells sewn in. This lady, and her hand made things, are wonderful and worth checking out. My cat, Ms. Batsy Roo, agrees with me 100%. You can also get Christmas ornaments that are a great find for this season. Click here to check it out for yourself at SCVealsPlace on Etsy, and If you are local here in Tn, visit Homespun in Farragut



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