Jumping Out Of A Tree And A Punch In The Nose

This was a picture from one of our walks on our property.

You might think this a bit strange, but I love trees. My family has some property in the mountains and it is full of trees. We are even building a tiny house there so we can have weekends away from the city. This place puts my heart at peace and I could not love it more. When we walk in our woods we are always looking for beautiful trees to take pictures of. We even have named some of the really cool ones we have found on our land.

When I was young  I loved to climb trees. I would find big ones and climb as far as I could until  I could see for miles around. Lol, my mom had no idea, but I was so fearless as a kid. The exception to being fearless would have been Big Foot. I had an over-active imagination and was always on the lookout for him. If you had a friend who told you terrifying stories of this creature, and you played in the woods, you would be looking for him too! I was never worried about him when I was up in a tree. I was sure he could not climb as fast and far as I could.

There was a specific tree I liked to climb in my backyard.  It was where I went when I was in trouble with my parents or I had things I was trying to work out in my heart. Like, why do I have to wash dishes and my little brother gets to do cool things like rake leaves? (We did not have a dish washer, and to this day I still hate doing dishes.)  While I was up in my tree my brother and a boy named Stevie, who was my age, started to play baseball. They had no idea I was up there. Stevie started to bully my brother and pushed him  down on the ground.  He was standing over him, yelling to get up so he could punch him in the nose. It was in this moment something came over me and I understood what a big sister’s job was. This was not to allow anyone but me to boss my baby brother around and NO ONE HURTS MY BROTHER! What happened next is a legend in my family. I, just like Bat Man, jumped out of the tree and landed over my brother in Stevie’s face. It scared him to death. I could not have plained it any better, and it was something you would have seen in the movies. Stevie and  I came to an understanding. I felt pure victory as he ran home crying.  We never had a problem with Stevie after that day. In that moment  my brother and I had formed a new bond, I realized how much I really loved my brother, and that I was willing to run to his aid when he needed it most. I can tell you that he has done the same for me a thousand times more.

Lol, my brother is the best man I know and has a very noble heart. You really can’t say that about most people anymore, but it is true for him. He is the first person I run to when I need a friend. I have found that the truest treasures on earth lay in the hearts of people. The most valuable things that I can’t live without are the people who have shown themselves to be true friends. You know the ones I am talking about. When all hell breaks lose and it looks like the ship is sinking, they’re the ones that run straight to you as the others run away.

One of the things I have been so Blessed with in my life are friends willing to jump out of trees and come to my aid when I need them, just like I did for my brother. My heart has been marked forever with the love they have shown to me when I needed it. Most of them are far away, and I miss them, but I am full of gratitude for them.

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