Laid Before Your Feet

Do not trouble your hearts overmuch with thought of the road ahead. Maybe the path that you each shall tread are already laid before your feet, even though you do not see them. J.R.R. Tolkien

“The Path” I think of this a lot and my head is full of wonder about it. Sleepless nights have been dedicated to it. Life has really given me a surprising turn of events and I find my feet  in a new place. Being around people who don’t know me, my story, what I have done and used my life for. Not knowing what’s down the road for me and everything that I knew is now gone. It often makes me feel like I am in the twight zone. I have days that I am sure I will hear that theme music play and the weird feeling  of the unknown will end as the credits roll. I have given up on the ‘why has this happened’ and I’m working on the “what” mixed in with a “how.” What should I do and how do I do it. I might be in a new place doing new things with my life. This might scare me at moments with all of it’s unknown  but my reason is still the same. I know as long as my God is my reason in all I do, this path set before my feet is leading me somewhere. On days I can’t see it. I can trust in the one leading me to get me there. I have to remember he knows. 


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