Love The Sea

When I was young I loved to swim. It was all I thought about and wanted to do in the summer. I see that same love of water in my youngest . It is something he is already talking about doing, and spring is not even yet here. It got me thinking about a time when I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I blurted out “Mermaid!” Only to be shocked when told mermaids where not real and it was not something I could become. Luckily I had two more on my list to add as my teacher giggled at me. Which were “Movie star” and “Grocery store worker.”  I can say I did one of them for awhile and it was not all I dreamed it was when I was a tiny girl.

I lived by the coast for many years and the thing I miss most about it is not the sea but my dear friends who felt like family to me. I have found myself missing them this week and this is what came out in my art through it. I am thankful for people who love the sea and as deep as one too!

Be blessed my dear ones, Karen  

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