Magic Moments

I have some down time to let a sore arm heal. It has given me time to sit back and look a bit deeper at my over all picture. To refocus on why I do what I do. In some ways it feels like a gift.  I never want to lose sight of my mission of hope. Funny how just one busy moment can get you a little out of step.  I am regrouping during this still moment, getting inspired and determined to run after the calls of my heart. What’s calling the heart is so important to respond to with intent.  It is where the magic moments of life are found. I live for those times! They are not everyday things but when they come there is nothing to compare them too. Magic moments are for the bold who risked and tried, the brave who never let fear stop them.  They are the determined ones who will see it through all the way. There are always lots of opportunities to turn around and quit, but if you do you will never see the beautiful magic that happens with hard work, heart, and hope. It is a powerful mix that equals pure wonder.


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