Burnt Christmas Cookies, Dirty Laundry Bomb’s, and Mercy Christmas

I just learned a bit about Christmas dschhhwreaths, they are a symbol of everlasting life. As I walk in my front door I am thankfulI for the reminder of this great blessing in all the Christmas crazy. Yes, I love Christmas but people, sometimes it has moments that make me feel crazy! My home is no different than anyone else’s. It is full of, we are having company over so why does it look like a dirty laundry bomb was set off in the bathroom, who ate all the cookies I just made to give to someone, the list of things I keep forgetting  to do is too long to admit.  Somedays I wish Sugar Plum Fairies were real and their main purpose is to keep the kitchen clean while you cook and bake until New Years. Don’t  get me wrong my family has lot’s of nice moments full of laughter, hugs and sharing love but in the rushing moments I want to pull out my hair. Sometimes I feel bad because I know I should be handling it all a little better.  I walk on my front porch and see this wreath that tells me of the love and grace I have been given with everlasting life. There is nothing I have to do for it but just accept this wonderful Christmas gift.  It has nothing to do with my perfection or how well I am pulling off Christmas this year. Jesus takes me as I am, my crazy and all.  I look at this wreath with huge relief and let the weight of perception go. I am gladly accepting Jesus and his mercy. I take this mercy and know it is ok not to be perfect. If I burn the cookies, if it starts snowing dirty laundry at my house, if I I forget to buy someone’s Christmas gift, and if you see me wearing a hat around because there is no hair left on my head it’s all good there is mercy! Merry Christmas everyone one or should I a say Mercy Christmas!       mercy c

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