My Brave Love


My faith is a huge part of who I am and my art. I made this a while back, but it got me thinking about the last two crazy years I have had to walk through.  After sitting down and reflecting on them, I realized I have this new definition of love for God. I think it is pure beauty! I hate what I have walked through, but I rejoice that it has helped me know the words I wrote today! God really does work all things for our good! If you are walking thru a hard season,  hold on, in time you will see.

Brave love is a reckless love that follows into the violent storms, jumps into wild fires, and dark seas just to hold hands. It is an unrestrained love, it would abandon comfort, conveniences, social standing, and man’s theology, just to learn and fight for it’s truths. It is an unbridled wild dance between me and the lover of my soul, swaying to a timeless rhythm, hoping the song will never end!

Always be brave in loving God uninhibitedly, Karen

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