My Dreaming Spot

IMG_0396I wanted to share my dreaming spot where I started to wish I could do more with my art. When I lived in Asheville I went to Biltmore so much that I  felt like it was my home. I walked there 3 to 4 times a week. It was somewhere I could let everything go and sit still with the Lord. I began to dream with him and felt him challenging me to start thinking bigger than I was. This is the spot that I started to want to be a voice of hope and light, and felt like anything was possible.  Just looking at this picture does things to my heart. It was a special time. It is important to have a place to still our lives and dream. Where we can hear our hearts more clear without fears and doubts. The whispers of the heart are powerful, and the whispers of God even more. It is where dreams are born and brought to life. They are worth following.

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