One Woman Show

I am an one woman show when it comes to my barn quilts and sign making. I do enjoy it more than I thought and love the smell of cut wood. If I’m completely honest I probably would pass this part off to my mountain man hubby but he’s always busy when I need him, so I learned to do it for my self.

My mountain man taught me how to cut and pick out my wood at the lumber store. A few months ago I was at Home Depot picking out some boards and a man walked by, looked at me, and said “Darling if you ask that man standing right there (pointing to an employee) to help you, they can do that for you.”

I smiled nicely because I am sure he meant well but something about it did not sit right with me, lol. I said sweetly as possible “Oh thank you very much but I don’t need a man to help me do this.” He smiled and laughed and said “Good Girl!”

I am a girl with a saw who loves the smell of wood, and I’m proud of it! I am making a 57 butterflies sign and a few barn quilts today. My sign ended up measuring exactly 57 inches, it’s always 57!   


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