Quick Trip To Ohio

Last Saturday I received a phone call from my friend that her oldest sister passed away so I packed up my car and family for a quick trip to Ohio to be close by if she needed me. I left so fast that I forgot my computer (it is why you have not seen me blog since last Saturday)  and only packed one pair of paints and forgot many other essentials. Let’s just say I had to go shopping and did a lot of laundry. I was just happy to be there with her, and that my one pair of pants were my favorite jeans, lol.

My drive through the beautiful farmlands gave me time to think.  I have many memories of her sister but the one that stands out the most is a time when my friend and I were teens. We had walked in late one night in her house to find her sister around a piano singing with her family. They were having a ball playing instruments, singing, and laughing. Oh course my friend and I giggled at the time about them but now it makes me smile in a different kind of way. How precious to think that she is in heaven surrounded by family doing that same thing now, with a smile on her face, laughing like she had in that moment.  Ahh… heaven, one day I will know that same peace, joy, and all the wonder there. Heaven is such a comfort knowing it holds such things and my dear ones.

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