Repost Of Stacy’s Journal

Since I have had some new friends join me since I posted this last. I wanted to share it one more time. I was reading it today and felt the truth of it speak to my heart.  

I had a friend share this with me. It is something that she wrote down one night in her journal. I love this because God inspired her through the same thing he did me “The Butterfly.” There is allot of depth and wisdom in her words and when I read them they help my heart. I asked her if i could share it here with you on my blog. i hope this will encourage and  help you understand that God uses everything to shape us. He is making something beautiful out of us, making us stronger in our hardest struggles and with us thru all of it.

Stacy’s Journal Entry:  I’m in my cocoon right now ready to burst out. It’s a long and painful process, but without it I wouldn’t be able to spread my beautiful wings and fly! But I feel God telling me that from caterpillar to butterfly He will be with me every step of the way until my beautiful transformation. See, I used to be a caterpillar, useful, had a purpose, being used. But it was time for a transformation. God had more for me, so I went into the cocoon. It is there that I am being reshapen and reformed. It’s a painful process, but now it’s time to come out! It can be long and tedious but necessary to be able to spread my beautiful wings and fly!” Key fact about butterflies and the cocoon: It’s a struggle to come out of the cocoon. It takes hours, perhaps days to fully emerge. If you were to help a butterfly out of it’s cocoon it would die. It’s in the process of pushing out of the cocoon that gives the butterfly’s wings the strength to hold it’s own body weight and fly. Without the struggle of the cocoon it wouldn’t be able to fly and be subject to predators.



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