She Was A Brave One

The other day I started to cry as I was driving to the post office. I thought “I can’t believe I get to do this with my life now!” I mailed out five art pieces and have at least one more to go before this week is over. Hope + dreams + a brave girl who would not give up on believing her God was not done with her yet = TODAY! I am over the moon grateful! I came home and put my hands to making “She Was A Brave One.”

My inspiration for this piece is seeing glimpses of beauty from being brave not just in my own life but others as well. I love that I walk the planet with brave women. They are kindred spirts and amazing people who are limitless in what they can do with their hearts, but there is one I have on my mind the most. The reason I do not take brave women for granted.

This print is dedicated to a girl named Tabby, she was a brave girl, but passed away too young. She was someone who saw good in the world, loved kids, used her life to serve others (I think she helped more people in her young age than most adults), and boy oh boy did she push through hard things in life. One of the last conversations I had with her was about being brave and I will never forget it.  She is also a part of how the name 57butterflies came to be. You can read about it on my About Page. She has been on my mind and I want to honor her. Celebrate her and the things we talked about in the last few months of her life. If  you have someone that you want to celebrate in your life, you can find this heart reminder in my shop. Blessings and Love, Karen G.


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