Smiling Through All Of It.

I have a fire going and the fireplace is all ready for the holidays. Just taking a minute to be grateful and not forget how I feel today. I am humbled by how busy my hands have been the last few months.  I feel so honored to be making art for people and their loved ones. Lots and lots of late nights, but I can assure you I am smiling through all of it.  Today I have put things on hold to celebrate. It’s my birthday!  I believe that 47 will be a great year.  I am getting ready for my Birthday-bash-trip with my best friend. We have been plaining this trip for a while. I am so ready to laugh, shop, eat, take in some nature, and soak up inspiration in some art galleries. It is the perfect end to a wonderful week that has me needing to recoup a bit.

My friends, I just want to say my heart, right now,  is so full of hope that it might burst.  You are a big reason for that. To see people wanting the things my hands make is just blowing my dreaming heart wide open. Thank you so much for making me feel this way. I am believing 47 is going to be full of wonder and I can’t wait to find out what it holds! Big Love, Karen G.     

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