The Fourth Of May And The Wilson Family

 The Fourth Of May is a place that I shop the most at the store. I have spent a lot of time right here before and after I became a part of Homespun. It has this light and airy feel that calls to me. It is a beautiful mix of country, boho, and botanical vibes that I personally love. After I met the lady who puts it all together I smiled because I think we are a lot alike. I love her to pieces and yes, she is another one of those precious jewels I think are pure treasure. She helps me out when I need it and there has been lots of time I needed her advice. She is so creative and is always blowing my mind with her little touches. For example, this Easter she hand-made ornaments for a spring tree by painting beautiful antique silver utensils with cute bunnies. I am telling you people, this lady is my spirt animal. I promise you will love her space and her as much as I do.
The Wilson Family at Homespun is a space that is beautiful and has that farmhouse feel. It has this retro country elegance that makes me swoon. I am not sure there has ever been a time that I did not want to just take it all home when I walked into the space. I mean just look at that door, it is pure eye candy. I have a thing with old doors, I would stick them all over my house if my hubby would let me. This one here’s over-the-top gorgeous! 


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