Vacation Is Over

Well I have been on a nice week long break. I packed up the family and went to visit my home town in Ohio. Fall there is so beautiful and they have the best colored trees. They say it is a lot like New England’s fall. I went to a local apple farm that has a yummy bakery and endless rows of pumpkins.  
For the very first time I went to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. I saw “The Glove” of Micheal Jackson and it made me think of when my friends and I would practice doing the moon walk. Lol, Yes I can still do it and at 80s theme parties I show off my moves. This is a picture of the last one I planned. It was a long while ago, me and my girls,  but the glove has inspired me and I am feeling like I need to have at least one more. I think the most excitement was a night out in Cleveland. We went to dinner and watched a play at Play House Square.  After we had a little scare and I thought I was going to have to hulk out on a gangster at one moment, we had to walk down some dark street allies trying to find our parking garage. Not something you want to do anytime in Cleveland, and especially after dark. .

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