Vintage Market Days

Fun At Vintage Market Days In Knoxville.

If you are like me and love to hunt for things that are handmade with love, or aged items that have been repurposed this event will not let you down. It is bursting with unique treasures to wear and home goods that can’t not be found just anywhere.

I might have a small obsession with bedding and pillows. When I was walking around I came upon LA Dreams and fell in love with her whimsical pillows. They could brighten up any room and heart with the sweet words she has put on them.  I could not leave without having one for myself to put in my home. 

Ya’ll, the pom poms on the corners of these thing are so cute. It was the hook that reeled me in. The fabric feels soft and is good quality with a stamp on the back to remind you where it came from. 
 This is my pillow that I purchased. She was so sweet and let me take a picture of her holding it.  
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